A philosopher Nyodhino says that as long as sunlight is available patients are erring by searching for alternative treatments. Such people must focus on sun which is the fount of energy and sound health.

Lord Savita Narayan or Sun God is the focal point of nature or Prakriti. All our energy is obtained from the sun. Just as without the soul our bodies cannot exist similarly the world exist because of the sun’s presence. Just as honeybees in search of honey wander near flowers so too planet earth in search of protection of life on it revolves around the sun. The earth is verily our mother and sun is our father. Their ‘sperm’ and ‘ovum’ sustain life on earth. Solar heat helps mature bodily juices. Energy advancement,Guest Posting nourishment of bodily parts and emission of bodily wastes is dependent on this gigantic energy. So far we spoke of the body and progress and nourishment of means that sustain life. This general cycle can be seen even in the life of matter and consciousness that help in life’s sustenance.

When dire situations abound on earth sun gives us enormous help. Lord Bhaskar or Sun God possesses so much of disease destroying potential that even the most tedious illness can be overcome by its grace. One does not have to look far ahead. A farmer who tills soil remaining thirsty and hungry who rarely comes across expensive objects and who works day in and day out tirelessly yet remains in good health. Illnesses rarely confront him. Even if some illness attacks him he regains good health even without medication in a jiffy. Bang opposite to this urban population that is not exposed to sunlight in a major way but eat nourishing food along with apt rest yet off and on undergoes various illnesses. Almost 100% of them face stomach ailments, indigestion, constipation etc.

Dr Solay says that in comparison to Sun God’s healing powers none can match it. Deadly diseases like cancer which are very difficult to combat despite using radium therapy etc can be cured via appropriate solar healing therapies. For tuberculosis Dr Hernich says that from the last 30 years from about 22000 patients who took his treatment failed to overcome it satisfactorily. As a result I opted to cure them with solar healing methods. The outcome was so encouraging for the past 3 years that I can doubtlessly say that solar healing is an outstanding way to cure tuberculosis.

Dr Hongay writes that I unearthed that in diseases related to the blood like yellow hue in blood, thinness, anemia, weakening of veins, tiredness, fatigue etc solar healing methods are very successful.

A famous doctor Lady Kebo writes her experiences wherein she says that about 12 people approached me who were very weak. Their skin hung loosely and bones were a bit bent. On checking them it was noted that they were not exposed to sun light. Hence they were asked to sun bathe as much as possible. The result was that their good health spiraled up and in a short time span they were hale and hearty.

The famous philosopher Nyodhino opines that as long as sunlight is available on earth patients are erring by searching for alternative treatments. Such people must yearn to focus on that sun which is the fount of energy, beauty and sound health and with its benevolence regain sound long lasting health.

Indians are not unaware of this divine grace of Sun God. When school children erred their teachers made them stand in the hot sun as punishment. Great Yogis perform austerities under the watchful eye of the sun. The sun’s capacity to overcome illnesses has for long been researched into. Lord Savita helps overcome deadly diseases like cancer and every household knows that sunlight radiates both out inner and outer beauty. People have great faith in this fact.

Via heat of light plants, trees etc bloom on earth. Ere sunlight failed to reach earth the latter would be converted into a gigantic ball of snow and darkness. Life would thus cease to exist. Objects radiate because of sunlight and it also gives our eyes the capacity to visualize the external world. Without sunlight gloominess would take over. We may possess eyes but seeing would be impossible. Fire in our hearths and cooking range is but another form of solar light and heat. We are grateful to the sun for creating clouds which later shower rain on us.

It is solar rays that dry up wetness, dirt and muck seen on roads etc. If the sun failed to do this the world would become mucky and dirty.

Trees, plants etc do not survive merely because they get water, fertile foil etc. Apart from this it is most required that they get sunlight and wholesome air. Wind moves because of heat energy in the atmosphere. Indirectly it is the grace of sunlight that flowers, fruits etc bloom. As a result other beings exist on this planet.

Germs, poisonous bacteria etc are overcome via solar heat. Apart from soap dirty clothes dive up their smell only on getting exposed to sunlight. Fruits vegetables give us nourishment simply because they bloomed forth in the presence of sunlight. In comparison to roots the plants stem and leaves are more energy bestowing. Hence along with bread, lentils etc we eat vegetables too for proper nourishment.

Solar heat is very beneficial for birds, animals, humans etc. Those who remain unexposed to sunlight are known to fall sick more often than not. Of course one need not seek hot sun rays of noon time yet the serene sunlight at dawn/sunrise is extremely beneficial for us all. We must try and sit in wet clothes after bath in front of the rising sun. For this, 15-20 minutes is not enough. The door and windows of ones house must be such that they allow maximum sunlight to enter every nook and corner of the house. Our bedding, pillows, clothes etc should be exposed to sunlight regularly so that undesirable germs, worms etc get destroyed.

By itself sun befits all living beings and yet it is important that ones body gets properly exposed to its healing rays. If intense heat is unbearable stay away from heat but make sure to expose your body, interior of the house etc to those solar rays whose heat is endurable. Sun that is directly visible is a storehouse of heat energy. It enhances sound health. Its life force is terrific. It enters our body and makes us that much more potent. It energizes juices, blood, hormones, enzymes present in our body. Thus the body becomes powerful and attains a longer life span.

Deep thinkers of the world now are realizing the great import of solar healing and hence accrue its benefits. Colors have various characteristics. Green is cool, red is hot and yellow is good for digestion. When these 3 combine in various ways new hues result. After diagnosing an illness, via glass specific colored rays are exposed to that bodily part which is diseased. Certain specific colored glass bottles are filled with water and exposed to sunlight. This water then is par taken by the patient which is called Chromo Therapy. On the basis of data available regarding this mode of therapy we feel that Vedic Sciences can add a lot of value to solar healing. Without using too much of cash people will augment good health and thus such healing would intensify its priceless nature.

Along with Modern Science’s advancement people now realize the correlation between solar rays and good health augmenting. In this New Era in order to overcome diseases Denmark resident Dr N R Fixay used solar healing methods first in 1893 AD. Later after a decade Switzerland’s Dr Reliyar used solar rays to cure tuberculosis. He had built a solar lab for this healing. As a result of his experiments the world over people started accepting solar ray healing methods as vitally important in the field of Medicine and Therapy. In a major way those who have researched into the aspect of solar healing they maintain that UV light present in sunlight is very beneficial for all beings. No doubt technology that produce UV rays have been set up and yet it has been noted that UV rays from sunlight are more beneficial than those created from technical man made apparatus. Such technology has been designed which produce no UV rays. They create only infra-red rays and depict their prowess. Suppose no UV or infra-red rays are produced yet such technical apparatus is designed to created that give light full of medicinal healing properties. As a result we can conclude that various types of radiations are present both in sunlight and man designed technology and yet the former is more beneficial than the latter.

One must deeply analyze those human beings who work in sunlight from dawn to dusk. Compare them with those who live in urban areas and are not exposed in a major way to sunlight. Skin that is yellow and withered cannot endure heat and cold and are unable to satisfactorily emit urine, feces from the body. Of course it is not necessary for people to bask in sunlight all day long. Instead we must try and expose our body to sunlight as and when the chance arises and that too at least for 15 minutes. It is preferable to expose as much of your body as possible to sunlight. It should be remembered that the head must not be exposed to sunlight. Dieticians who try to find out ways to include vitamin D in the diet of poor people sometimes get confused. They fail to see beyond the available sources of vitamin D like milk, butter, eggs etc. They must understand that solar rays of sunrise are extremely beneficial to all and hence poor people too. For those steeped in poverty sunlight is equivalent to butter, eggs etc so as to imbibe vitamin D. In Indian schools after the 5th grade health education is bestowed on a student that goes on to the 8th grade. Children learn all this from text books. Teachers too teach them from books. Education is meant for imbibing knowledge and wisdom and not social transactions. If only we digest the fact that sunlight is very precious for world denizens our lineage would augment and also that TB cannot merely be obstructed but that it can be rooted out totally.

The sun is immensely useful in our life and for sound health. Generally it is noted that plant life and other creature live in open air. In comparison to those who are not greatly exposed to sun shine and open air they bloom more, are healthy and full of greenery.

During solar eclipse creatures are full of fear. What exactly is the reason? The answer is that the very thought of not remaining exposed to sun light makes them wistful and withered. In open air and sun shine one sees cows, calves and other creatures full of joy and zest. They experience untold pleasure. Who can we say is unaware of this fact? Those vegetables, fruits etc that grow in open sunlit air are full of precious vitamins and minerals. By par taking them our life force increases and so does our good health. Those fruits, vegetables etc that are not exposed to sun light much either do not bloom aptly and even if they grow they do not appear fresh and blooming. Those workers who work in factories, mills etc appear to do so in a prison like gloomy atmosphere. They get miniscule amounts of sun light and fresh air. Thus their bodily and mental growth is impaired. Their faces are gloomy and listless. Their health is seen to be quite poor and thus they face many illnesses and diseases. Hence it is imperative that they expose themselves to sun light and fresh air when they are not working so as to lead a joyful healthy life. If those who bathe very late in the day, do so after taking a sun bath will not get any skin diseases. If we bathe after exposure to sun light we must wipe our entire body thoroughly with a clean towel.

In our country i.e. India right since ancient times, sun is looked upon as a potent medium for good health and long life span. Thus the sun is worshipped with devotion as a demigod. The gist of all Vedas is Super Mantra Gayatri. That too is a mode of worshipping sun god and its chanting methodology involves keeping the body above the waistline naked. It means that on a naked body solar rays are thrown by sun. The pure sun bath at dawn gives us good health, joy and divine bliss. Not only does our blood get purified but that energy and zest bloom forth. The health of farmers tilling soil is n-fold better than the health of urban people who live in dark gloomy places. Who say is unaware of this fact? People living in dark rooms experience more ill health than those living in spacious airy houses. Thus they are doomed to death. It is for this reason that it is said: A doctor has to visit that household in which sunlight has no room to enter. Sir Jamesby has said: In St Petersburg those soldiers who live unexposed to sunlight die n-fold more in number than those soldiers exposed to sunlight. When epidemics of cholera, typhoid etc is rampant it is seen that those living in dark gloomy homes are more prone to contract these diseases in comparison to those residing in fresh sunlit air. Hence people who are concerned about good health and long life span should insist on residing in homes and surrounding areas that have fresh air and plenty of sunlight. Our scriptures and Ayurvedic texts eulogize vociferously the import of sunlight because innumerable diseases can be destroyed due to its benevolence. With the help of solar healing many illnesses related to Vata (wind), Pitts (bile) and Kuf (phlegm) can be destroyed and thus one can live a joyous life of 100 years. Foods that lack proper health giving elements can be replaced by exposing ourselves to sunlight and hence life bestowing principles. Apart from India nations like Iran, Egypt, Greece and Italy too worship sun god. Sun Temples were very famous in Greece that worshipped sun god. Before 2000 years Greece’s world famous doctor Hippocrates healed deadly diseases with the help of solar ray healing. Today in foreign countries solar healing has gained great moment for curing various ailments.

In order to overcome deadly diseases like cancer etc the sun’s rays of various hues are utilized for healing purposes. Diseases related to digestion, skin and muscles are cured via solar healing. There are many incidences wherein deadly TB too has been cured in this manner. Dr Reliyar prefers sun bathing methods to operations for overcoming bodily distortions. Dr Finsin too has cured many patients utilizing solar healing therapies. He opines that for all round progress of children solar rays can play a major role. When forest animals fall sick they lie down in open air with the sun beating down on their bodies. Thus they get cured. If this is the case why do human beings insist on par taking medicines that have side effect which in turn breed more diseases? Why do they not imbibe solar rays and benefit tremendously?

In comparison to the capacity of the sun bestowing health and life force to creatures that destroys diseases and darkness no other material has this capacity. Indian philosophers know this secret right since ancient times and hence look upon Sun as Almighty Lord himself. Hence in their day to day transactions and spiritual pursuits have worshipped the sun and tried to imbibe Divine Energy from it. Scientific research of today’s modern times has accepted the wondrous potent energy of the sun. First and foremost Norgon de Ween in the last stage of the 18th century conducted deep research studies and opined based on scientific data that apart from the sun none has the capacity to heal the body and psyche. Another researcher devoid of any doubt believes that solar rays possess terrific energy to destroy various germs of diseases. Other germ killers, phenyl etc do not possess this tremendous capacity. Sir Oliver Long is amazed that for progress of world health no doubt research has been conducted wherein various medicines and therapies have unfolded and yet none can compare with the power of solar healing. Such health bestowing power exists only in Sun God and over and above this it is free. It is beyond ones ken as to why it is not made use of on a gigantic scale? England’s Medical Superintendent Sir Henry Gowan while elaborating on his experiences says that those not exposed to sunlight or get very little of it are rendered insane, vile, handicapped and weak.

With reference to tuberculosis patients Sandy White in Heling Island conducted research and many other anatomists and physiologists too have experimented in this region. All this has been greatly elaborated by C E Lawrence in his books. He says that one can get direct tangible experiences of the sun’s prowess. Swelling related to TB is healed by sunlight and arthritis too benefits a great deal by it. It is very clear that TB germs are destroyed by solar rays. In this manner all transformations accrue not simply due to UV light but other important principles present in sunlight. Today deep research is being conducted on this the world over.

Dr Maverin has proof that those kids whose bones are bent is due to non exposure to sunlight and when such ailing children are exposed to sunlight amply their bones gain normalcy.

The Vedas proclaim that the sun is verily the soul of the cosmos. Material science of contemporary times is creating a Super Commentary on the above aphorism. The world’s great philosophers and seers in unison opine that none apart from the sun is the greatest doctor in the entire cosmos. But alas! O ignorant man! In the name of so called civilized behavior you do not feel the need to get exposed to sunlight. In order to regain good health you stray away from the sun while searching for apt cures.

Because of sunlight in the natural state the body receives life force and hence sound health. It is a priceless gift from Mother Nature. Where sunlight is unavailable there who ever resides or works becomes dull and yellowish in hue. Vitamin D of sunlight advances our body greatly and hence a pregnant woman should see to it that her self and the womb get enough exposure to sunlight. If women fail to imbibe sunlight their life can become very problematic.

Osteomalasia (where the bones weaken) is proof of the fact that one has not got enough exposure to solar rays. Bones and teeth do require Vitamin D for all round growth. Mere food intake does not give apt measure of it. Children fall prey to many diseases because of lack of sunlight and hence Vitamin D. As a result bones, waist and legs become frail. Muscles and bones too become very weak. Hence it is imperative that small children should be made to play in sunlight that they can endure. Wise mothers sit in sunlight to massage her baby’s body and as long as the baby can tolerate sunlight the baby is allowed to sleep in sunlight. Thus children get a lot of bodily and mental energy.

Solar rays help the body avoid dirt. It has some stupendous power that allows dirt to be thrown out via the anal region. Hence after getting exposed to solar rays bathe in cold water and thus the skin pores get cleansed thoroughly.

Those whose tasks/professions involve major use of the brain/intellect should cover their scalp with a cloth while walking in sunshine. Else heat in the brain will augment. Of course the rest of the body if exposed to sunlight will prove very beneficial. It goes without saying that hot sun of let us say noon must be avoided. During times of this practice slowly but surely the time of sunlight exposure should be increased.

So far we have discussed the gross benefits of Gayatri Meditation which is but the miracle of energy of Sun God. Just as passion manifests in the psyche so as to excite the sense organs so too when the psyche meditates on Sun God the mind bathes in the ocean of solar rays. Thus Divine Energy of Sun God manifests in the human body and psyche. Deadly diseases like cancer too have been cured via Gayatri Meditation. It has a strong scientific basis. While meditating on Sun God we imbibe sunlight the mind and soul of that devotee definitely gets sanctified. Hence Sun God not only augments bliss of this world but also that of the other world.

Not only the body but the surroundings and rooms should be open so that uninhibited solar rays pour into them. In homes where sunlight fails to get exposed there germs of diseases augment so as to attack its residents. Bang opposite to this areas exposed to sunlight there the wind too is untainted and toxic air is destroyed. In factories, mills etc where dirt and pollution is maximum there the rooms should be maximally exposed to fresh air and solar rays. Thus the solar rays can continue with their function of sanctifying those places. Mill workers working in closed areas become yellowish from the skin standpoint. They fall sick and thus work output decreases substantially.

Sunlight is indeed the very life of human beings. Th

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Yajna Philosophy is based on subtility. There are many organs in the human body in the form of subtle nerves and glands. Amongst these hormones predominate. Its juice straight enters the blood stream hence they are called endocrine glands that have no tubes to transport these hormones. The medicines offered to Yajna fire are rendered fume in nature and it reaches various organs of the body. Thus they showcase their influence on these endocrine and other glands.

The utility value and benefits of various forest medicinal herbs offered in Yajna fire has been described. How various diseases can be healed using specific forest medicinal herbs and how they increase our good health has been listed. In the present research study some forest herbs well known for their superb healing prowess have been chosen that are used in varied ways in Ayurveda and Allopath mode of therapy. Vaidyas or Ayurveda doctors use them as Kwath (apozem and decoction) and Avaleh (semi liquid medicine that can be licked or tincture). Even in Allopath mode of therapy these very herbs are used to make various pills,Guest Posting tonics etc. Even in the therapies called Dishen and where only one medicine is administered to the patient the above herbs have proved to be very useful. In Yajna therapy by rendering these medicinal herbs gas in nature due to burning in Yajna fire, the chief aim is to render them so very subtle that all distortions/ailments faced by individuals, our environment and plants are uprooted successfully. Till today modern day chemists have been able to conduct chemical analysis on certain forest herbs. Merely on the basis of description of the usefulness and potency of these herbs given in text books cannot be accepted by a rational and discriminative intellect especially in this advanced modern science era. Hence in our Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) we have made arrangements to chemically analyze all such herbs in the modern scientific research study context. Thus we shall truly understand the chemical designing and chemical effect along with the utility of the leaves, roots, flower, fruit etc of all these medicinal herbs known to cure various diseases.

The basis of medicines used for specific diseases as Havishya offered to Yajna fire is very much akin to therapies administered right since ancient times by doctors based on the medicine’s chemical designing. Due to the union of various chemicals various chemical reactions set in and thus varied results emerge. Useful herbs and plants are chosen for curing various diseases based on their chemical specialties. Such arrangements have also been made so as to measure what effect is seen when the same medicine is administered to the patient via the mouth (oral), nose (breathing) and direct injection into the patient’s blood stream. Via the comparative study of effects noted which path (mouth etc) from the healing standpoint is supremely successful is decided. In the preliminary phase those medicinal herbs chosen are Tulsi (basil), Sarpagandha, Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Shatavari, Somavalli, Jatamasi, Ashtavarg etc.

In a certain sense Samidha or wood used to light Yajna fire can be called Havishya (materials offered to the fire). When some special variety of wood burns in more or less measure it produces healing effects very much similar to forest herbs offered in Yajna fire. It is hence that in Havishya along with the leaves, flowers, fruits etc of trees and plants wood of various types is included. In the Yajna materials or Havishya powdered wood of trees like sandalwood, deodar, agar, tagar etc is also mixed. It has been advised by our scriptures to use wood of only certain types of trees as Samidha to light the Yajna fire. We just cannot take wood from any tree as per our whims and fancies to light Yajna fire. If you insist on doing so Yajna fire lit from such tainted wood shall produce dangerous side effects that harm our physical-mental health. While choosing Samidha to light Yajna fire focus is placed on the fact that from the standpoint of the bio chemical designing of the patient’s body which type of Samidha is best suited to heal him. Apart from Samidha of trees mentioned above other tree wood used are mango, Shami (thorny shrub), Guler (wild fig or Ficus glomerata), Pipal (fig tree or Ficus religiosa), Devdaru (pine, cheddar,fir), Ashok (Jonesia asoka), Bilva (wood apple tree (Aegle marmelos), Chitrak (type of gentian or Gentiana cherayta) etc.

Via Havishya (forest medicinal herbs-Panchang-Samidha or wood) what chemical changes are noted in the body is tested and gauged via various scientific apparatus set up in the Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India). Via the ECG or Electro Cardiogram the effect of medicinal herbs on the heart are measured. In what manner various herbs after entering the blood stream create effects on the various parts of the heart’s blood circulatory system. This is measured via the Cardioscope and ECG’s Autorecorder which gives us details about the bio electricity dwelling in the heart.

The ratio of gases present in the blood of healthy individuals and diseased patients is different. Oxygen is called the very life force of tissues and cells of the human body’s various organs. Carbon dioxide gas is emitted via the reaction of the metabolic activities taking place in these organs. Tainted materials in the form of carbon dioxide gas are evicted via exhaling. Whenever in the smooth functioning of this gigantic building called the human body experiences undesirable obstructions, carbon dioxide gas gathers in the body in dire amounts. The augmenting of acidity in our blood stream gives us a hint of this imbalance. Doctors by analyzing gases in the blood find out the measure of acidity in the blood. Thus they conclude whether the bodily functioning is healthy or not. This very arrangement has been set up in our Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) laboratories. After making use of medicines that purify the blood optimally acidity in blood is measured using Blood Gas Analyzer and Ph Meter.

The measurement of blood sugar, urea, cholesterol, creatinin and other enzymes and possible effects taking place after administering various types of medicines in executed in the Biochemistry Laboratory at the Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India). Via culture and microscopy methods set up in the Bacteriology Department, the basic form of these medicines and its capacity to kill disease causing agents/microbes in their fume and ash form on getting burnt in Yajna fire is scientifically gauged.

As has been mentioned Yajna Philosophy is based on subtility. There are many organs in the human body in the form of subtle nerve networks and glands. Amongst these hormones predominate. Its juice straight enters the blood stream hence they are called endocrine glands that have no tubes to transport these hormonal juices. The medicines offered to Yajna fire are rendered fume in nature and this is made to reach various organs of the body. Thus they showcase their influence on these various endocrine and other glands. Which forest medicinal herb shows what type of effect on these glands and hormones? In order to gauge this via radio immunology techniques the hormonal levels in blood and other materials are measured.

Due to the subtle nature of its energy in order to cure mental illnesses and in order to awaken other latent energies various forest medicinal herbs are offered to Yajna fire. Via the Polygraph technological apparatus by measuring the state of brain waves, the psyche is analyzed so as to measure various aspects of the inner personality and thus the above results accrued are analyzed. One benefit accrued by doing this is that we can find out what type of effect is noted on the various subtle functions of the body via the procedure of rendering forest medicinal herbs in a fume state by offering them to Yajna fire? All this can be marked via various channels.

On an average in Super Power Yajnas clarified butter/Ghee made from cow’s milk is used yet other animals’ milk too has its own special effect. On noting the state of the patient’s disease a correlation is established with the state of chemical content present in clarified butter/Ghee made from milk of various animals. Thus conclusions are drawn as to in which disease clarified butter/Ghee (offered to Yajna fire) made from milk of which animal is most suited to cure that disease successfully. It is a very ancient belief that by burning clarified butter/Ghee in fire the effect noted is much more powerful than directly eating it. The scientific basis of this observation must be tested via laboratory research studies. In order to find out why clarified butter/Ghee made from cow’s milk reigns supreme a comparative study with clarified butter/Ghee got from other animals’ milk must be executed using modern scientific research studies. Hence arrangements have been made at Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) to chemically analyze various types of clarified butter/Ghee made from milk of different animals and measuring bio chemical changes taking place in the body when these are devoured orally or via fumes of Yajna fire when they are offered to it.

At Purnahuti (just before completion of the Yajna) instead of ordinary Yajna materials some special ones have to be made use of. This Purnahuti is partitioned as follows:

a) Swishtkrut Homa-In this sweet meats and sweetened food items are offered to Yajna fire.

b) Purnahuti-In this fruits are are offered to Yajna fire.

c) Basodhara-In this a ceaseless stream of clarified butter/Ghee is poured into Yajna fire.

By uniting all the above 3 actions it is called Purnahuti. This method is taken in a major manner in the form of nourishing applications. Materials for prevention in the form of Havishya are already offered previous to this in Yajna fire.

For Swishtkrut Homa the basis of choosing sweet meats and sweetened food items is very much a part of the Yajna methodology and procedure. Ordinarily for this sugar, refined sugar or Mishri and Mithai or sweet meats are used. In an extraordinary way special types of Charu are made. Khir (akin to sweet rice pudding), Halua, Laddu etc are generally offered to Yajna fire for Swishtkrut Homa purposes. With the admixture of what materials should these be cooked? This is decided by keeping in mind which nourishing and nutritious material is required for patients suffering with different types of diseases. Generally food grains used for Super Power Yajnas are rice, barley, wild rice paddy, sesame, wheat and gram. In the sugar category, sugar made from jaggery, refined sugar, honey, fruits and dry fruits are used as Yajna materials. By using all these, what nourishing effect is noted in the body is being studied via scientific research studies.

In Purnahuti ordinarily coconut, Supari or betal nut etc are used that are eaily available but yet sometimes in it dry fruits and ripe fruits too are utilized. Akin to deciding which type of Samidha wood is to be used to light the Yajna fire, in the choosing of fruits used in Purnahuti also, a lot of scientific analysis has to be done.

In Vasodhara an uninterrupted stream of stream of clarified butter/Ghee is poured into Yajna fire. It means that its measure is increased a lot. One reason for this is that wherever unburnt remnants of Havishya materials offered to Yajna fire are present in the Kund or pyre immediately starts burning on contacting this clarified butter/Ghee. The 2nd reason is, that the measure of this clarified butter/Ghee’s greasiness can be imbibed by the body which from the contemporary state standpoint is most required. By using sugar along with other food in Swishtkrut Homa, fruits in Purnahuti and various types of clarified butter/Ghee in Vasodhara, the balanced measure of our meals is decided in such a manner that the Yajna performer gets all round optimal nourishment and nutrition. In clarified butter/Ghee used in Vasodhara there is an injunction to mix camphor, saffron etc to it also. As a result the clarified butter/Ghee used instead of merely being relegated to grease becomes a special type of healing medicine.

In today’s modern scientific computer age it is most required that we prove via modern research techniques that food items and forest medical herbs used in Swishtkrut Homa, Purnahuti and Vasodhara are very beneficial like tonics to augment good health. Keeping this important fact in mind the Yajnopathy Laboratory in Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) has been set up with latest scientific technology and equipment.

The technique of helping reach nourishment to our body via the above Yajna method not only is easy and straightforward but very effective from the mental-physical health benefit standpoint also. When our body becomes very weak our digestive system does not function properly. At that time via intravenous injections glucose is administered to the body. Thus the patient gets benefit of nourishment. Drinking milk no doubt has its own health benefit yet when in the form of heavy/undigestible protein group hormones are injected the benefits are much more in measure. In comparison to heating heaps of fruits if you drink its juice the tummy experiences much lesser burden. In a more or less manner the benefits are quite similar. The essence or extract of various nourishing nutritious materials are now being made by many chemical industries and its benefit is accrued even by a very ill person so as to render his life force or Prana energy optimally intact. Yajna therapists and healers opine that nourishment rendered more and more subtle via Yajna procedure is much easier to help reach every nook and corner of the body and digest it easily also.

As a result of this process medicines are rendered gaseous and vaporized and thus in the form of Yajna fire fumes spread out in all 4 directions. By entering the body of the Yajna performer via our mouth (inhaling) and skin pores they reach very deep subtle centers of the body and externally too it spreads its fumes in all 4 directions. By analyzing this via Orset and Lawrence Gas Analyzer a conclusion is drawn as to which gases are present in what measure and ratio. It is said that by burning wood fumes emerge that is merely an admixture of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. Thus the question asked is, are fumes emerging from the Yajna procedure different from other smoke? This is a very important topic for scientific research studies. In our Yajnopathy Laboratory in Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) these fumes via special techniques are sampled so as to chemically analyze them.

In Agnihotra/Super Power Yajnas both, Samidha or wood predominating with oily principles and other Yajna materials are made use of. In very tiny measure sugar and clarified butter/Ghee (if you do not get its pure variety you may use cow’s milk) too are added. As Samidha only prescribed wood is used that possess special medical healing properties. In such wood the capacity to cure bodily diseases is noted. Ordinarily wood of only trees like mango, Shami (thorny shrub), Guler (wild fig or Ficus glomerata), Pipal (fig tree or Ficus religiosa), Devdaru (pine, cheddar,fir), Ashok (Jonesia asoka), Bilva (wood apple tree (Aegle marmelos), Chitrak (type of gentian or Gentiana cherayta), sandalwood etc are used to light Yajna fire. How does one find out which species of these has what type of components and on what scientific basis must which one be accepted as apt and authentic? This choice is made in the Yajnopathy Laboratory in Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) with the aid of scientific apparatuses like column chromatography, thin layer chromatography and gas liquid chromatography. The gas liquid chromatography apparatus is a very complex computerized one that by analyzing the chemical nature forest herbs’ solid, semi liquid (that can be licked) and gaseous form their graphs are made. From this we get data of which functional principles in medicinal plants before burning them in Yajna fire are present and that after burning them in Yajna fire what chemical and other changes have occurred. An authentic data as to whether harmful carbon particles are present or not in Yajna fumes is unearthed by using the scientific apparatus called GLC. When a particular medicinal herb on entering Yajna fire gets converted into a fume and gaseous form it’s chemical units take up certain forms. If this is scientifically unfolded a very big success shall fall in our lap.

In that Kund or pyre in which Yajna is performed its geometrical shape is of immense importance. This Yajna Kund or pyre is generally of an inverted pyramid shape. At the base it is narrow and wide at the top. In tandem with the measure of the Kund or pyre that much amount of wood or Samidha and Yajna materials is added. This is strictly observed so that a well balanced measure of energy emerges from Yajna fire, the fire does not get doused midway and dark carbonic smoke does not erupt forth. The Yajna material offered to the fire is taken in the Tarjani fore finger till it fills up the finger and this is about 3 grams in measure. The copper vessel and Yajna pyre must be at such a distance from the Yajna performer that the latter does not experience excessive heat of Yajna fire. Whatever fumes emerge they enter the body within via the inhalation process through the nostrils. Doing Super Power Yajnas for about half an hour is considered best and optimal. The Thermocouple apparatus measures the amount of heat created via Yajna procedure in various rooms. The intensity of light manifested by Yajna fire is measured by Luximeter and the spectrum of Yajna fire flames is gauged via the Spectrometer. Scientists in the lab by using the Gigger Muller Counter measure how much radioactivity is present and till what distance all around the Yajna pyre/Kunda it has spread out.

The Yajna procedure using forest medicinal herbs rendering fumes emerging from it very widespread spreads out sweet heavenly fragrance also which is a collective healing method. This definitely is a scientific methodology. Via the medium of spreading sweet nectarine fragrance emitted by Yajna fire great benefits accrue like activation of latent brain centers, hormones and other materials mixing in blood optimally and transportation of chief functional medicinal units via inhalation of Yajna fumes to those tissues/cells of the patient’s body that are responsible for determining our life force/Prana energy and warding off diseases. These mental-bodily health and other benefits accrue by performing using forest medicinal herbs.

In order to gather scientific data regarding the immunological capacity (to kill disease causing agents in the body) of these Yajna fumes in the Bacteriology Department arrangements have been made to carry out various experiments. By creating various deadly toxic microbes (culture) in optimal conditions the effect of these Yajna fumes are noted. In order to gauge the influence of antibiotic medicines on microbes culture and sensitivity techniques are made use of. From this we get to know as to which type of microbe due to the influence of which medicine loses its capacity or else bang opposite to this which microbes procreate more and more of their progeny. Keeping in mind this very important goal via these experiments using modern scientific technology Yajna Therapy procedures are being examined along with their scientific applications. In the Culture Room incubators with varying capacities have been set up via which in a predetermined time span the sensitivity of microbes towards these medicines are tested and measured.

Along with the above facts regarding Super Power Yajnas a very important aspect of it is Yajna energy. This energy is controlled via the shape of Yajna pyre or Kundas. As per Laws of Geometry the shape and form of the Yajna pyre or Kundas is determined and created. In this manner the effect of flames and energy emitted by Yajna fire reaches the entire environment in optimal measure and ratio. Various Yajna offered medicines emit varied forms of energy. Based on the proportion of the stature of energy emitted by Yajna fire, desired effects are noted on the Yajna performer’s body and psyche.

In the Vedic Era the shape of Yajna pyre or Kundas was determined on the basis of Geometry. If the scientific analysis of this fact can be done in today’s modern material scientific terminology a new field of research shall be thrown wide open. While performing Super Power Yajnas there is a tradition to place a covering on the upper region of the Yajna room/area. The reason for this is that the nature and form of heat is to rise in the upward direction. After emerging from the fire pyre, heat it shoots up swiftly akin to an arrow and continues flying upwards. Thus if the Yajna area is covered akin to a roof on the house the heat’s upward journey gets obstructed its influence on the environment of the Yajna area remains for a longer length of time and in ample measure. By placing oneself in close proximity to Yajna emitted energy that aim is properly fulfilled wherein the very possibility of a disease attack occurring in our body is cut asunder.

Yajna energy entering the body via skin pores/hair follicles destroys harmful foreign agents entering the body and is also flushed out of the body. This procedure of obstruction in lesser-greater measure is very much similar to administering vaccinations and immunization methods mech beforehand so as to stall any future diseases attacking our body. Energy emerging from Yajna fire extraordinarily influences people, the surroundings and plants-trees in nearby areas. Thus nourishing and nutritious principles increase in plants-trees and in human beings Prana energy and life force augments manifold. As a result of this our body’s immune system responsible for warding off diseases becomes much more powerful and capable.

After a baby is born many Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) are undergone by it. They are Jatkarma, Namkaran, Annaprashan, Mundan, Vidyarambh, Yajnopaveet etc. In childhood itself these are performed very quickly. In all these as per scriptural injunctions Super Power Yajnas must be performed. In these Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) the child and its parents must be present in person. Thus by doing so, both physical and mental health increases on a continuous footing. The foundation of the child’s physical and mental health development is laid down very strongly. When our age increases vaccinations against various types of diseases are not given quickly because the capacity of humans increases in tandem with their ever increasing age. As a result in future Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) and Super Power Yajnas conjoined to them the time gap too increases. In between marriage and Vanaprastha (people aged between 50-75 years) Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) the time gap is of many years at a stretch. Via Yajna Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) not only does the child benefit tremendously but that other family members too benefit effortlessly. Via Yajna fumes the house’s environment gets sanctified and purified. These Yajna fumes push all harmful germs, worms, microbes etc out of the house. In the Holi Festival of colors in India new crops harvested are given Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites). Before cooking food if the new crops harvested are given Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) and imbued with Yajna energy full of sweet heavenly fragrance the immunity power (to ward off disease attacks in the body) of food cooked increases n fold more.

The Yajna technique is in itself an all round compact science. Every aspect of it is special. When the Yajna is completed its remants and Charu materials remaining post completion of the Swishtakrut Homa is taken by the Yajna performers as divine Prasad. Along with ‘Idannamam’ remaining from Ahutis offered to Yajna fire clarified butter/Ghee remaining after it is offered bit by bit to the fire and also after performing Vasodhara, it applied on the face, head, heart etc as Ghritavghrana and smelled via the nostrils. Bhasma or Yajna ash remaining behind sanctified via herbs and other Yajna materials called Havishya offered to Yajna fire is applied on the forehead, scalp and heart. All these materials shall produce only as much effect as the measure of energy emitted from Havishya Ahutis offered to Yajna fire.

Charu offered to Yajna fire is made from special food items and sweet meats/food. In it nourishing and nutritive principles ooze in great measure. Chief amongst these nourishing and nutritive principles are grains of poppy/mawseed, rice, wheat, clarified butter/Ghee, milk, sugar and honey. When medicinal herbs are added to these and when they are given Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) via Yajna energy and imbued with sacred sound energy emerging from Mantra chanting their positive beneficial effect increases manifold. In comparison to solid Charu subtility has an infinite more deep import. For a Putreshti Yajna performed in King Dashrath’s palace as mentioned in epic Ramayan, Charu was made. Rishi Shringi who had made this Charu separated it into 2 portions. Later he realized that it was to be given to 3 queens of King Dashrath’s. In order to rectify this error a little of the Charu (made from Khir or sweet rice pudding) from both the portions was taken and thus a 3rd portion was made. All 3 queens ate this Charu in the form of Khir. It is well known that Sumitra had eaten the 3rd portion of the Charu got by removing a bit of Khir from the 2 portions made at first by Rishi Shringi. As a result, the first 2 queens, viz. Kaushalya and Kaikeyi who had eaten the first 2 portions of Khir gave birth to 1 son each. But Sumitra the 3rd queen who had eaten the 3rd portion of the Charu got by removing a bit of Khir from the 2 portions gave birth to 2 sons. This was but the miracle of the subtle specialties of Charu used in Yajna. Since Yajna’s divine energy and amazing potential gets added that ordinary food item gets imbued with extraordinary energy in limitless measure.

In clarified butter/Ghee remaining after it is offered bit by bit to the fire called Yajnavashishth this very subtle specialty is found. In clarified butter/Ghee’s gross visible form, only greasiness seems to dwell along with some nourishing principles. But when this clarified butter/Ghee is sanctified via offering it to Yajna fire and when it gets sweetly scented via medicinal herbs added to Yajna fire and by making it contact again the water of Pranita after it is taken in a Shruva (wooden ladle) to the Yajna pyre, it can be believed to be merely imbued with energy. But many a times via its usage miraculous results witnessed proclaim it to be imbued with mind boggling limitless energy.

Yajna ash, Charu and other materials full of subtle potential become so potent that even a tiny measure of it in comparison to other nutritious food etc is much more nourishing. Via scientific research methods these described facts shall be proved in our Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India).

Water kept in a Kalash (type of water pot used especially for Hindu rituals) for Yajna therapy purposes has a very scientific import. This water used in Yajna procedure keeps getting imbued with Yajna energy and the subtle superb qualities of gasified forest herbs offered to Yajna fire. Behind the Greek mode of medical therapy that makes Arka (distilled form of medicinal extracts) this very principle is at work. This water is imbued with Mantra energy when Mantras are chanted. This water gets imbued with Mantra power. Via its application scientific studies shall be conducted on its effect on various devotees and patients afflicted with different types of diseases. So far we have limited our discussion to Yajna’s material mundane results. Future analysis shall be focused on the very subtle cause level. The fount of power/capacity rests in the causal layer. Very much akin to humans even in materials 3 stature ones exist viz. gross, subtle and causal. The human gross physical body (Sthool Sharir) is made up of blood, flesh, bile etc and hence our body is seen to eat, drink, walk etc. The subtle body (Sukshma Sharir) is that thinks, memorizes and directs gross body functioning. In the causal body (Karan Sharir) our faith, aspirations and beliefs take birth. This is said to be the foundation of creation of the all round personality of a human being. Amongst all these 3 bodies the causal body (Karan Sharir) is said to be supremely powerful.

The same holds true for materials. Its gross form is that which is seen by the human eyes. Subtle is that which via chemical analysis in the laboratory can be pin pointed. In comparison to the cow gross power dwells much more in bufallo’s milk yet from the subtle standpoint the potency of cow milk is manifold more than bufallo’s milk. Panchgavya made from only cow milk is accepted as Prasad. In comparison to plants of Tulsi (basil), Amla (myrobalan) and Pipal (holy fig tree or Ficus religiosa) other trees may no doubt bear more juicy nutritious fruits etc yet from the standpoint of possessing subtle sanctifying qualities that divine faith offered to it is certainly not given to other plants and trees. This is because Tulsi etc plants possess great measure of sacred qualities that positively influences our mind.

On an average due to every material used in Yajna process energy can be induced to manifest. Only then can it bring about desired wholesome transformations in the mind and psyche of the Yajna doer. A Yajna’s special nature is heavily dependent on the subtle energy present in materials offered tp Yajna fire. In order to generate and augment energy Mantra Science is taken recourse to. The Udgata (Mantra-hymns chanter) focuses proper attention on using the apt technique of Mantra’s mode of chanting using varied Swaras (tones) and method of Viniyog (use of Mantras for various Vedic ceremonies) specific to the type of Yajna that is being performed. The alto-suprano (rise-fall) of Udat-Anudat sentiments while chanting Mantras creates vibrations in the surrounding environment. These vibrations influence the body’s subtle glands and networks and other important bodily parts. Words are called Brahma. Its energy is meant for aiding knowledge augmenting in day to day mundane living and also give and take of thoughts. Yet in high stature roles sound gets converted to potent energy. The total basis of Mantra Science is built on this foundation that the choice-weaving of word bunches and their Viniyog (purpose) must be executed along with such special processes wherein our consciousness accrues the miraculous benefit of imbibing special potential.

If Havishya or Yajna materials are offered to the fire just like that only minor benefits like spreading sweet scent etc are attained. Nothing of the kind shall accrue that is generally desired from Yajna procedures. In Super Power Yajnas well defined procedures and Mantra chanting is made use of. Thus those people coming in contact with these Super Power Yajnas definitely benefit and further positive activity blooms forth in the atmosphere. In environments full of special aspirations/faith that era conscious flow created possesses the stupendous capacity to strongly awaken the hearts and brains of not only individuals but world lay public too. The faith principle lying hidden in the deep recesses of the human psyche and soul emerges like an onrush via this Yajna process.

By giving Abhimantrit (imbued with Mantra energy) materials as Prasad they prove to be even more powerful than medicines administered. From this it becomes clear that in generating the causal energy of Havishya materials before the Yajna is commenced that stature of success is accrued wherein that material from the gross standpoint despite possessing only ordinary power from the special quality standpoint can be proved to be extraordinary. Right from vessels used in Super Power Yajnas to the water used via Mantra chanting they are sanctified. Only after this are the vessels etc used. There is a scriptural injuction for all Yajna performers to imbue Mantra energy into Samidha after getting it, after washing it and after drying it. Similarly in order to imbue the Yajna Kunda/pyre with Prana energy Vedi worship of the dais, Super Power Yajnas hala worship etc are executed.

Previously too research studies have been carried out on the effects of Mantra chanting on the body and mind. Yet in this an all encompassing vision in it had not been included. From the modern contemporary times viewpoint Mantra Science is being scientifically researched into from the faith and aspiration aspect. Mantras are chosen on the basis of Sound Science. On the basis of such scientific testing Super Mantra Gayatri’s potency has been proved to be supreme. From the superficial meaning standpoint Super Mantra Gayatri is quite ordinary. In it we pray to God for a powerful brilliant intellect. Yet in the vision of Mantra seers the inter weaving of words used in various Mantras is of utmost importance. On this basis Super Mantra Gayatri proves to be the most powerful Mantra. Other Vedic Mantras chanted in Super Power Yajnas certainly are no less important. Vedic Mantras are chanted with Udat-Anudat sacred sentiments and with a Swara (tone) based sequence accompanied by medium rise-fall sound. These methods have had to be designed from this standpoint that these Mantras chanted (Japa) help us attain our desired goal and creates a potent positive energy flow. Due to the boundless measure of Mantra power Yogic Chakras (subtle plexuses) present in many areas of the body within and glands-networks get imbued with tremendous energy of a very special high stature.

In order to scientifically test all the above mentioned spiritual therapies at the application level various scientific apparatuses have been set up. Via the oscilloscope by measuring various aspects of sound emanating from Mantra chanting, music etc their graphs are created. In order to measure the effect of Mantra chanting on the body and psyche via the scientific apparatuses described previously possible transformations in bodily functioning is measured.

While scientifically researching into the various aspects of Yajna Science the final leg involves Yajna performers or Yajak Ganas. These include Ardhavyu, Udgata, Brahma, Hota, Acharya and Yajman. Based on the behavior, thinking trend, inner personality and type of mental refelction the all round nature and form of the Yajna gets designed. It is the unification of their individual power and will power that aids in the success of the Yajna performed by them. Those participating in the Yajna cannot eat, drink etc just about anything under the sun as per their whims and fancies. On such days while devouring only Sattvik or sacredness bestowing food has to observe discipline of prescribed fasting etc. As much as is possible the Yajman or performer must devour only Havishya made via scripturally prescribed techniques. A patient suffering from a disease cannot just accrue benefits by performing Super Power Yajnas using special healing methods but that in the food/diet he consumes which materials are used in what measure has to be kept properly in mind. Along with this food discipline are conjoined Brahmacharya (sexual continence and immersing the mind in thoughts of Almighty God), Mauna (silence of gross and mental speech) and other such austerities. Religious programs called Anushthans are completed only after performing a Yajna at the end phase. In this the process of atonement too is included so that we purify our mind that knowingly or unknowingly has commited some sin or the other. Thus for our future life we imbibe and execute only great glorious tasks.

In this manner Yajna therapy is a compact all inclusive mode of healing science that is a wondrous confluence of so many factes of anatomy sciences, great qualities of medicinal properties, analysis of religions, the theory of subtility, psychology science and its therapatic aspects, sound science and Mantra Energy based healing and imbuing our life with steadfast faith and aspirations. Today such a mode of healing and therapy is most required for innumerable people the world over afflicted with mental disorders and ailments. In order to heal these very subtle unseen diseases lest this very ancient healing method is rejuvenated in a modern day context this shall be supreme service to ailing world humanity.

In order to ward off diseases at present we have limited our research for only a few types of bodily and mental diseases. For their curing various arrangements have been made. These diseases have been categorized into 2 classes, viz. gross and subtle. In the gross variety both the physical and psycho somatic diseases have been included. When mental aberrations affect our physical body that manifests disease symtoms on it, such illnesses are called psycho somatic. In subtle diseases are included, soul and psyche based illnesses and mental distortions/ aberrations. These include depression, delusion, on rush of anger, criminal tendencies, insanity and narrow minded selfishness. In our Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) by giving the western mode of psychoanalysis a special spiritual direction a system has been designed to conduct an all encompassing compact analysis. Only in accordance to this the sequential procedure of Yajna therapy has been determined. For every type of disease group forest medicinal herbs have been chosen on the basis of chemical analysis and qualities/nature possessed by them. These forest medicinal herbs are used in the form of Havishya, Samidha or wood, Kwath (semi liquid that can be licked akin to honey), fumes and ash. The possible reactions of these various forms are being minutely noted in a scientific manner.

Warding off diseases by healing them is only one aspect. More important than this which is most required is that warding off weakness emerging due to disease afflictions and augmenting manifold our body’s life force or Prana Energy. In this manner future attacks by disease causing agents like microbes etc can be fully obstructed from inflicting diseases. Health augmenting just cannot be limited to increasing physical strength and might. True holistic good health must encompass bodily strength, wisdom augmenting, increase in will power, advancement of farsighted discrimination or Viveka, blooming of zest/enthusiasm/enterprise, sentiments oozing with deep faith and steadfastness in carrying out activities ethically. Without giving a prime spot to sacred sensitive sentiments in our day to day living shall give only minor one sided benefits even if you attain superb bodily strength. Hence for a holistic healthy life imbibing generosity, compassion, sense of selfless service to society in a big way is a must. The procedure of Yajna application gives focused attention to all these 7 aspects’ all round advancement. Weakness of any kind is strife on its own. Despite being strong physically in the absence of zest and enthusiasm that person tastes nothing but defeat. Hence for overcoming weakness of any kind those Yajna methods put to use in them all facets are given a great deal of attention.

Via Super Power Yajnas not only individuals, plants, tiny creatures etc benefit but that it contributes in in an extraordinary manner in creating a desirable great environment also. Even for overcoming natural calamities or rendering the environment/ecology conducive, Yajna technique reaps rich success. The word ‘Parjanya’ in Sanskrit language means rains oozing with Prana energy. In the creation of an optimal ecological balance due to this ‘Parjanya’ in the Vedic era nature was very cooperative and in those times whatever grains, fruits etc were grown it bloomed with special mental-physical nourishing qualities. It was the Yajna tradition/heritage in the Vedic era that was at the root of these specialties. Even today the taste and sweetness found in food items grown in India cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This is but the great result of the tradition of Super Power Yajnas and Agnihotra (Hindu fire sacrifices) present in more-less measure.

This is a definite fact that radioactivity increasing via radiations and the environment being rendered toxic and polluted due to increased heavy industrialization is making the environment more and more imbalanced. It is mankind who has invited storms, cyclones, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, swift weather changes, excess rainfall and flooding, famine, epidemics, landslides and other ferocious natural calamities. Merely by warding off imbalance setting in nature and environment cannot solve world problems. This is because the dire need of the hour is that we create an optimal desirable environment that aids plant-lush greenery augmenting in a big way and also aptly nourishes all creatures on planet earth. It is only on this basis that a wholesome mutual cooperation based coexistence between world creatures like microbes, plants, animals and mankind can usher in.

Various procedural steps of Super Power Yajnas create reactions in the plant kingdom. In order to gauge these various scientific apparatuses used for study of plant physiology have been set up in our Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India). The effect of Super Power Yajnas on plants’ sap content, changes in the plants’ subtle amino acid sequence and its gross augmenting are being studied and measured. Along with this, what effects of Yajna fumes/ash/remnants occur on those germs/microbes causing diseases in various plants are being scientifically studied. For this end in the Plant Pathology Laboratory various scientific apparatus have been set up. Do any changes occur in plant growth when Yajna/Agnihotra ash is applied on them? This is gauged by using plant anatomy research techniques.

In order to measure changes and pollution levels in air/water, our Meterology Department uses various scientific apparatuses. It is with their help that we try to gauge the reaction of Yajna process on various seasons and weather. Similarly what effects due to Yajna exposure are noted on the health of various creatures like birds, animals, plants etc shall be studied in the near future on guinea pigs exactly akin to the studies of Super Power Yajnas on human beings that are being scientifically executed.

This entire gigantic realm of Yajna Science is a humungous topic of scientific research. The more this Yajna based research shall advance prolifically, the more material means and capable scientific researchers shall join in this mission each and every aspect of Yajna Science shall showcase its prowess to world lay public. This definitely is the dire need of contemporary modern times.

This then is the material scientific aspect of Super Power Yajnas. In comparison to this the philosophical aspect of Yajna Science is much more important. In Yajna philosophy dwells methods of educating world society in a wholesome desirable manner. Each and every Yajna rite oozes within with many sacred teachings. By focusing our attention on the advancement of the human personality via Yajna based inspirations and contributions accrued for world social awakening this fact emerges that all ‘pathys’ are but the creation of uniting each and every one of it. Via Super Power Yajnas world society can be educated properly with reference to cooperation, congregation, discipline, inner and outer grandeur, attaining material-spiritual prosperity based on ethics/human values, working selflessly for world welfare etc. In this manner many facets are conjoined to Yajna Science like overcoming diseases, good health augmenting both physically and mentally, plant life augmenting, creating a wholesome world environment, rendering divine powers conducive, awakening high stature energy, world society education etc.

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